Password Managers

Best Password Managers

There are a number of good password managers out there. This article covers a number of the best.

NOTE: We are still developing this page.

The Best - a rundown:

(in no particular order)

  • 1Password
  • LastPass
  • Bitwarden

    OS-specific managers

  • Microsoft

  • KeyChain

  • Google Passwords


    1Password is recognized as one of the most popular password managers out there. The downside is that you have to pay a small fee to use the service.

    LastPass { #lastpass}

    LastPass is also an excelent choice. The free plan only supports one device type. The paid plan is about the same as 1Password.

    Bitwarden { #bitwarden}

    Bitwarden has the same features as 1Password and LastPass, while being free to use. Another nice benefit is the fact that it is open source.